Dead Broke Farm

Horseback Riding Field Trips

Little Girl Riding Paint HorseWe offer field trips to day care facilities, schools, and other organizations. Field Trips include the following:

  • Basic riding instruction before the ride
  • A 30-minute guided trail ride
  • Access to the picnic area and playground
  • Exposure to lots of other farm animals such as chickens, guineas, dogs, cats, and a miniature horse.


Field Trip Cost

The cost is $17/person for children and adults. An additional fee of $5/child is assessed for children under the age of 6 since they require dedicated guides. And if there are any riders over 200 lbs, there is an additional cost of $5/person to upgrade the horse to one of our draft horses capable of carrying heavier riders. Because all our rides are guided, we don't require the care givers to ride, but we recognize that many organizations require their staff to supervise the children in their care at all times. The cost is the same for care givers to ride as for children. Be sure to bring enough staff so that you can still be responsible for supervising your children when they aren't riding.

Note: We accept Mastercard, Visa, and Paypal for the deposit, but if you choose to pay the balance with a credit card, you will be charged a 4% processing fee.


When Are Field Trips Available?

Field trips are available on weekdays and usually last four to five hours. Most field trips are scheduled from 11am - 3pm to allow you time to get to our farm in the morning and get back to your location before time for the parents to pick up their children in the afternoon, but the schedule is flexible. We can accommodate groups of up to 60 children. We divide them up into groups to ensure a safe ride. Helmets are provided.


What Ages Can Participate?

Ages 5 and up can participate in our field trips. Children can ride on their own when they are 6 years old and older, but 6 year-olds may elect to receive additional assistance from our guides if they are unsure of controling the horse by themselves. Young children requiring additional assistance from our experienced guides will be assessed an additional fee of $5/child. Ages 7 and up will be assumed to be riding on their own.


Liability Release Forms

If the children's parents have signed a liability release form with your organization, and your organization carries liability insurance, you can sign a liability release form when you arrive at the farm for the children you bring to ride, or you can have each of the children's parents sign a Horseback Riding Liability Release form for their child and bring the signed release forms with you on the day of the field trip.


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