Dead Broke Farm

Horseback Riding For Y-Guides And Princesses

Girl Saddles HorseDead Broke Farm is a YMCA supporter and preferred vendor. We can accommodate large groups, so no tribe is too large. Everyone can ride together at the same time.

Children six years old and older can ride on their own. However, six year-olds do have the option of riding with the assistance of one of our guides if they are uncomfortable riding on their own.

To help ensure a fun, safe ride, we provide equestrian helmets and riding instruction before we take your tribe out on the trails. All our rides are guided, so we're there to help you along the way if you need help out on the trails.


Horse Riding PatchesPatches Are Included

We know that you don't put much stock in the patches, but we give them out anyway. Just kidding! We recognize the importance of earning the patches for your vests, so they are included at no additional cost.


Cost Of The Ride

Y-Guides and Princess Tribes get a special rate of just $45/person regardless of the number of riders. (Our normal rate starts at $60/person, so Y-Guides get a significant discount.)

If you enjoy your ride, tip your guide!


Have Your Meeting At Our Farm

Little Girl Hugging Horse


You're welcome to have your meeting before or after your ride. You can use our picnic area while the Guides or Princesses play on the merry-go-round and jungle gym in the playground.

Be aware that you should plan for the 1-hour ride to take up to 2 hours because it takes time for us to get you all ready to ride. We'll ask you to sign a Liability Release From, collect your payment, give a brief, 10-minute riding demonstration, get helmets on the kids or any adults who want one (helmets are optional if you're 18 years old or older), help you up onto your horse, adjust your stirrups, tighten your saddles, and offer the horses water before they hit the trail so that it doesn't unnecessarily delay our creek crossings and eat into your riding time.


Schedule Of Ride Times

Month 1-Hour 2-Hour 1-Hour &  2-Hour
Mar - Oct 12pm, 3pm 12pm, 3pm 11am, 2pm
Nov - Feb 12pm, 3pm 12pm Closed for Winter


Let The Kids Feed The Horses Treats

You're welcome to bring apples, carrots, or pears so that your children can feed the horses treats. We have lots of other farm animals for them to see and enjoy too: turkeys, peacocks, dogs, cats, bunnies, chickens, pheasants, ducks, a Mini, and a mule. Feel free to bring a camera to take a tribal picture and capture the moment as your children enjoy our farm.


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