Dead Broke Farm

Kiddie Rides At Festivals

Horse and ChildWe will bring horses out to your location for hand-led rides. We don't use ponies on carousels; our staff leads each horse individually. Over the years, we've come to the conclusion that horses have better dispositions than ponies, and they tend to be safer. They also have the advantage of being able to carry larger kids so that no child is ever turned away due to weight or height concerns. You can have us bring up to six horses to your event. You'll have the horses for up four hours. If you'd like to have the horses longer than four hours, the price will be adjusted accordingly. Each hour after the first four hours costs $50/horse per hour. Horses are available for festivals year-round anytime between 10am and 9pm.



Cost Per Horse

# of Horses 2 Hours 4 Hours
1 Horse $300 $400
2 Horses $400 $600
3 Horses $500 $800
4 Horses $600 $1,000
5 Horses $750 $1,250
6 Horses $850 $1,450

Pony Ride at a Festival


Your cost assumes your location is within 15 miles of our farm. Travel charges of $1.75 per mile will be incurred beyond that distance. Calculation for travel is based on travel distance to your site, i.e. not round trip.


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