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Trail Horses For Sale In Raleigh, NC

Dead Broke Farm buys and rescues horses, rehabilitates them, trains them, corrects performance issues, puts lots of trail hours on them, and then offers excellent trail horses for sale. Our horses have been ridden with dogs through creeks, mud, hills and past deer, four-wheelers, tractors, and birds who fly up right in front of them. So if you're looking for a good, solid horse, check out the horses we have for sale. We have horses for sale to satisfy all experience levels from beginner to intermediate to advanced riders, and we're conveniently located in Raleigh, NC.


Miss Hollywood - Black Overo Paint Horse For Sale 

miss hollywoods headAge - 13 year-old

Breed - Reg Paint (APHA)

Height - 15.2 hands

Estimated Weight - 1,000 lbs

Gender - Mare

Color: Black and White

De-wormed - 2/28/18

E/W/T/WN Shots - 12/15/17

Neg Coggins - 5/9/17

Price - $4,800
Miss Hollywood is a registered black Overo Paint mare. She's 13 years old and well broke to ride. She's an "in your pocket" type of horse. She loves people and attention. She will always come to you when you walk out into her pasture. She has an incredible jog and has been ridden Western, but she has a build and conformation that would look awesome under English tack. She trail rides beautifully even when you take dogs with you on the trail. She'll ride at the front, the middle, or the back of a long line of horses. She rides with a very light hand on the reins. In fact, I ride her with a hackamore because she doesn't need a bit. 

1 miss hollywood
miss hollywood 2
miss hollywood 3
miss hollywood 4
miss hollywood 5
miss hollywood getting a bath c
miss hollywood left side
miss hollywood no saddle
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She stands quietly for a bath, mounting and dismounting, and loads and travels well. Click on the link provided to see the video. Her left eye is blue. This mare will definitely get you noticed! This stunning black Overo Paint horse is for sale for just $4,800.


Rascal - Short Quarter Horse For Sale

Nice Short Quarter Horse for Sale in Raleigh, NCAge - 9 year-old

Breed - Quarter Horse

Height - 13.1 hands

Estimated Weight - 900 lbs

Gender - Gelding

Color: Chestnut

De-wormed - 3/25/18

E/W/T/WN Shots - 12/15/17

Neg Coggins - 11/24/17

Price - $1,700
Rascal is a cute, adorable 9 year-old Quarter Horse gelding. He's just a little over 13.1 hands, so he's ideally suited for riders who are 'vertically challenged'. He's NOT a pony; he's a short horse. The difference is in his mind set and attitude. Nor does he have the thick pony mane. His mane and tail are typical of horses - not ponies. He has some spunk, so he's fun to ride if you have some riding experience. He will happily move on down the trail. He will lead, ride in the middle amongst a group of horses, or ride out alone. He's not one to drag along at the back holding everyone else up. He'd make a nice horse for a teen wanting to show in some of the fun shows or anyone looking for a horse that's short and easy to mount but feels like you're on a horse - not a pony. He doesn't have any trouble keeping up with the longer legged horses on the trail without having to trot you to death.

rascal 1
rascal 2
rascal 4
stocky rascal
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He's easy to catch, has great ground manners, and is very personable. He enjoys the company of people. He has a nice walk, trot, an canter. This short little horse is for sale for just $1,700.


Heartbreaker - Gorgeous Trail Horse For Sale 

Trail Horse for Sale in Raleigh, NCAge - 9 year-old

Breed - Quarter Horse

Height - 14.1 hands

Estimated Weight - 1,000 lbs

Gender - Mare

Color: Liver Chestnut

De-wormed - 2/27/17

E/W/T/WN Shots - 11/15/17

Neg Coggins - 10/14/17

Price - $2,300
Heartbreaker is a sweet 9 yo liver chestnut mare. She's an easy keeper, and very affectionate and comes to you in the pasture. She's not aggressive toward other horses even at feeding time. She's ideal for a teen or petite (i.e. vertically challenged) person. She isn't small boned - just vertically challenged herself at 14.1 hands. She has a gorgeous head and a nice build with a wide chest and butt.

The photos below were taken in Jan 2018, so they are current, and you can see what a pretty coat she has even in the winter out to pasture.I would recommend her for a beginner/intermediate rider. She isn't suitable for an inexperienced child because she has too much spunk for a complete novice. She never bucks or rears or prances, but she isn't blind in one eye and arthritic either. She would be ideal for an adult with some riding experience who is seeking a shorter horse for ease of mounting. She's very easy to handle and is easy to control with a sensitive mouth. In fact, I only use a hackamore on her because a bit isn't necessary.

Trail Horse for Sale in Raleigh, NCTrail Horse for Sale in Raleigh, NC

She'll cross creeks, bridges, and mud without hesitation. She will ride out alone or in a group. Currently, she's shod on the front and trimmed on the back (as are all my horses because we have rocky terrain). She has excellent ground manners and has never offered to pull back on the rope when tied to the hitching rail. So if you find her appealing and have some riding experience, she may be a perfect fit for you. This nice horse is for sale for just $2,300. Click on the link provided to see a video of Heartbreaker Under Saddle.


Maserati - Gorgeous Palomino Horse For Sale 

maserati headAge - 8 year-old

Breed - Quarter Horse

Height - 15 hands

Estimated Weight - 1,000 lbs

Gender - Mare

Color: Palomino

De-wormed - 12/15/17

E/W/T/WN Shots - 12/15/17

Neg Coggins - 8/9/17

Price - $3,700
The Palomino's name is Maserati. She's an 8 year-old, 15 hand, Palomino mare. She's beautiful now - even with her winter coat - but she will be drop dead gorgeous when she sheds out and becomes an even darker, dappled gold. She's an absolute doll: quiet, gentle, excellent ground manners, and anyone can ride. Perfect age too: lots of trail hours on her but with her whole life ahead of her. Deer, traffic, and dogs don't bother her (as you can see with the poodle at her heels in one of the photos below).

maserati 1c
maserati 2c
maserati 3c
maserati 4c
maserati 5c
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She's easy to catch and very personable. She has a pretty head, nice body, and a big Quarter Horse jaw. You won't outgrow or tire of this horse. She's energetic but sane and eager to please. This Palomino horse is for sale for just $3,900.


Horses for More Experienced Riders

I am selling a few of my personal horses only because I have 7 personal horses, and I'm lucky to get one ride out of a set of shoes because I'm too busy training or fixing issues that arise with my rental horses or horses I'm planning to sell. Given that, I don't feel it's fair for them to just pine away in a pasture getting older with each passing year. My personal horses are great quality horses. They just need experienced riders to appreciate them.

In my ads, I try to be very honest about the level of rider needed to ride the horses I'm offering for sale. I don't want to waste your time or mine. So if you're a good rider, you may want to check out some of my personal horses: Pablo, Karma, and Destiny. Prices listed are firm. 


Karma - Registered Paint Horse For Sale

Overo Paint Horse for Sale in Raleigh, NCAge - 5 years old

Height - 14.2 hands

Estimated Weight - 1,000 lbs

Gender - Mare

Color: Sorrel Overo Paint

De-wormed - 12/10/17

E/W/T/WN Shots - 4/16/16

Neg Coggins - 12/2/17

Price - $2,800 
Karma is a 5 year-old registered sorrel and white Overo Paint mare. She's out of Scenic Jetalito and Jetalito stock and stands about 14.2 hands. She's flashy and broke to ride. She's one of my personal horses, and she's feisty and needs an experienced rider. I started her out riding in a hackamore, but I ride her with a low port curb bit now. She's easy to catch and enjoys the company of people.

karma 2016 2c
karma 7c
karma in the river 2
karma ridden by carla 1c
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So if you want to 'get noticed', this may be the horse for you. This good looking Paint horse is for sale for just $2,800.


Destiny - Stocky Quarter Horse For Sale

carla  destiny 1Age - 9 year-old

Height - 16 hands

Estimated Weight - 1,100 lbs

Gender - Mare

Color: Liver Chestnut

De-wormed - 12/10/17

E/W/T/WN Shots - 12/10/17

Teeth Floated - 6/2/17

Price - $3,200 
Destiny is one of my personal horses. I've had her since she was a yearling. She's 10 years old now, and she stands about 16 hands. I bought her at auction by outbidding a kill buyer. She was a gorgeous filly with an awesome build and a beautiful head, but she had a hernia where her umbilical cord had been, so she needed surgery. Most people don't want that kind of expense, and I can't say I blame them given the care required afterwards too. But I bought her and had the surgery done, and she has blossomed into a great, strong trail horse. She stands at about 16 hands, and you can see '6-pack abs' under her stomach when she sheds out in the summer. She's built like a brick house with a nice butt and wide chest. She has muscle on muscle.
carla  destiny 3
dana and carla on bella  destiny at beautancus 4
carla  destiny 3
dana and carla on bella  destiny at beautancus 4
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Destiny has a strong will and can be playful. She can be an adventure to ride at times, but she never attempts to throw you. She's been on multiple organized rides, and I've even ridden her bareback on two rides that were each 5 to 6-hour rides. She has an awesome jog and a nice canter. She has never once bucked when cantering her nor does she rear. However, she can get 'hot' sometimes, so she needs an experienced rider. She is not for inexperienced riders or children. But someone with experience would appreciate her. This nice Quarter Horse is for sale for just $3,200.

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